Vehicle Trauma Center

“What’s a ‘Vehicle Trauma Center’? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

It’s a new concept for a veteran company. Over the past several decades, we at Ramsey AutoBody have come to realize that when a vehicle is damaged-through collision, weather, vandalism or other means-the experience is a double trauma-first for your vehicle and then for you.

Not only does your car or truck get damaged, so do you… even when you aren’t physically hurt. Your vehicle is something you depend upon, take pride in and enjoy. When it is damaged, it may no longer take you where you need to go, or it just doesn’t look good and, in most cases, the joy of ownership is significantly diminished.

We are an auto body repair shop that does more than just repair cars and trucks… we understand your personal trauma. It is our job to lessen that through repairing the trauma inflicted upon your vehicle and the level of customer service we provide for you.